Visit to Gallery S O


On the second induction say we visited Gallery S O located in brick lane. Upon arrival we were greeted by a gentleman who was inviting us into what seemed to be his house. After passing through the house, something that resembled Harry Potter’s room under the stairs and an alleyway we were met with two large doors. On first glance the room just seemed to be filled with random objects such as a dartboard and an old cigarette machine as well as images of people such as Barbra Windsor in her glory days. None of them seemed to link until we delved further into the whimsical world to find that it was in fact a bar/pub created by the talented Carl Clerkin and Danny Clarke; it had drinks, chairs, tables with card games taking place, a dartboard and a TV (created by Kieran Baroutchi) among many other detailed objects. The realisation that all the seemingly random objects in the room created a miniature world was amusing yet astonishing; funny as I wondered why someone would do it yet awe inspiring as people took the time to create this tiny little world in which so many things were taking place, making it somewhat difficult to keep up with but always keeping you on your toes. I personally didn’t enjoy the exhibition but I would recommend it to anyone who is an illustration fanatic or who loves pubs!


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