Visit to the V&A

The visit to the V&A museum was for us to explore the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and pick an object which would determine what our CCS essay would be based on. The exhibition we visited as a group I found to be slightly boring, with few interesting objects being within it that were in the time frame we were looking at. A couple caught my attention such as the gothic revival decanter shown above designed by William Burges in 1865 and made by Josiah Mendelson, however nothing really made me go ‘WOW’.

Once finished in this area I asked if we could roam the rest of the museum (run away) and see some other things from different exhibitions that resided in the same time frame. The jewellery was beautiful and interestingly displayed but unfortunately the majority wasn’t from the time we were looking at although there was one set, Parture, from 1870’s England which caught my eye as it was carved jet and gilded copper alloy with a female head symbolising night on it. I liked this piece as I adore chunky and heavy jewellery.  The glass gallery was a disappointment as I found it to be quite cluttered and disorderly as they tried to put too much in one area, so when searching for something it was tedious and somewhat mind numbing; the only interesting part I found were the stairs which were awe inspiring yet modern so could not be the base of my essay.

Overall you can tell for obvious reasons that the museum is commercially built and for mass amounts of people, meaning the displays and exhibitions won’t cater for everyone, but they have tried to make sure it is and enjoyable experience for everyone which I applaud. Despite the odd interesting piece, the museum and it’s exhibitions are not for me.


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