The purpose of applications was to teach us the various techniques used in the different programmes we will be working with throughout the duration of our 3 year course.

Ricardo gave us a brief which was to create a poster using the clenched fist icon, re-working it into something that depicted what we loved or felt passionate about. Some came out with mangos, Ricardo talked non stop about Arsenal and one that I loved was about avocados, which came out as an amazing poster! I chose to do it about being different from the social norms, being true to yourself, breaking the mould.

Ricardo first asked us to go off and find images, to layer together to form the poster, from magazines, newspapers and off the internet as well as anywhere else we wanted. He was adamant that we did not stick to the computer which was insanely difficult but I managed it for a while to gather images, sprinting back to the computer once I had found them. I was going to base my poster on silver as I adore the jewellery and the colour but changed it as I didn’t like the way it worked on paper. I decided that with the jewellery I wear, (huge chunky pieces that would make me sink if I was in a ship wreck) I should make it about being different from others and doing what you love. I photographed my fist and then grayscaled it and changed the brightness and contrast:


Once that was done I placed it on top of an image of broken glass and then found a shattered font for the poster to match the shattered glass. The final image can be seen at the beginning of the article.

We were then asked to go on indesign and create a double page spread with the poster, title and some writing to describe it and what we had done. I was insanely pleased with the outcome based on the little time we had to come up with and design it.


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