Animation with Kieron

For this weeks workshop we had to create a small animation using our drawing skills and photography.

We were shown multiple animations by Kieron to give us an idea as to how much they can differ yet still work in their own right. Once we had seen them all we were given a story board to draw up our idea. Not realising how much time we had I created quite a intricate animation with a considerable amount of frames and drawing, which I would not be able to complete.

While thinking about the time period we had I decided to go very simple. I thought about what I should do and went with a knife because, well to be honest they’re pretty cool. I thought how I could make them into and image and immediately thought of a clock, a countdown. For some reason death inspired me (I know it sounds a bit sinister but I thought of how every second we get closer to death, once dead time disappears and becomes nothing to us) so I went with that idea. Unfortunately I was unwell on Thursday’s session so I finished the animation at home. Its not great but its simple and kinda fits the spec.

The animation I designed on the story board is in progress and will incorporate lots of different technique (and will hopefully look cool).


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