Mark Making

IMG_3705The second rotation was mark making. I enjoyed it for the most part yet some of it I found slightly mind numbing, but each to their own!

On Monday we were taught by……on real life drawing and how to capture movement, using various materials. We were taken into the corridor and each asked to do different walks that would use different types of movement such as being hunched over, three legged race or acting as if pregnant (I got a piggy back out of it so it was actually quite amusing). We did around 15 drawings before returning to the studio.


Once we came back we started doing poses in pairs, one posing the other capturing the shape with a quick outline using different materials. We were then asked to get into groups and create two masks that would go on to form a story of some sort; Hannah came up with the idea of the sun and the moon, which we liked as it was simplistic yet could be made fun. I came up with the sun killing the moon as she wanted all the attention but as the sun walks away, thinking she had killed the moon, the moon gets back up and somewhat avenging herself, killing the sun.

On the Thursday we were asked to draw the skyline out the windows in our studio; I chose the side window as I wanted a different view to everyone else as it would create a different piece of work. I sketched a section of the view in detail using a HB pencil which can be seen below:


I really enjoyed this part because I love buildings and perspective as I wanted to go into the architecture industry. Once the drawing was complete we were then asked to draw out the skyline again but instead of using conventional material such as pencil or pen we were told to use materials that most of us had never used before (I had because I love to experiment with lots of things, especially matches, which doesn’t always end well). I decided to go a little off brief and make an A1 piece with 4 A3 images on the page using various materials. I used bleach and ink, watercolour, mono print ink and tissue paper to create my various skylines which can be seen at the top of the post.

Overall I preferred the second half of the workshop to the first half which was life drawing. I enjoyed using various materials and drawing using conventional shapes like squares and triangles.


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