Barbican visit with Emily

With a small mark making history lecture and a few marking making tools made from random objects that we found (as well as a spot of lunch), we were ready to head off to the barbican. Upon arrival we were met by Emily who gave us our brief; to draw people, places and objects, trying to use various materials for each subject, meeting every hour to discuss what we had done so far.

Immediately after receiving the brief we ran outside (Mags wanted a cigarette and I wanted to finish the rest of my lunch) I adore architecture (I previously wanted to be and architect) so I decided to sit by the water and draw a part of the building, focusing on the stone steps. As you can see below, I did a quick sketch in fine liner and then went on to do a more detailed drawing in pencil.


This drawing took me a while so it was the only thing I had to show for the first meet, yet it got great feedback and I was extremely happy with it.

After the first feed back I decided to stay inside and draw random objects. I saw a number & sign so decide to do that in different media.


Once done with this I went for a wonder and found this brilliant piece of art consisting of mirror and snowflakes as well as some other media, hanging above a well near the main entrance that showed the floor below. I did a small sketch of this using fine liner and ink, seen below.


After going back for feedback again I was told I needed to focus on people more so made my final hour all about people and faces. I really dislike drawing people and faces from life as cartoons and comics are more my thing. I gave it a go first starting with full body drawings which actually came out better than I had expected (for me anyway).

I then moved on and focused on faces which went terribly but I gave it a go so what more can I do! I really enjoyed this workshop as I got to leave the building and see and draw a small part of what’s out in the real world rather that sticking with my cartoon type style.


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