Drawing with Orly

On Monday we had drawing with Orly which I was sceptical about after our last encounter with her. The first task was to write an emotion on a small piece of paper which would then be shuffled with all the others and distributed to the rest of the class. Once we got our word we were asked to draw a door portraying that emotion. I wrote down ‘worried’  as it was the first thing that popped into mind considering I didn’t know how to give a door an emotion; in return I got tired which wasn’t the easiest thing to draw.

For the afternoon session we were asked to draw five scenes within the university and then draw a larger piece on an A3 sheet, then taking a photo of it in situ. This task was all about quick drawing skill for the most part, which is not my cup of tea so to speak. Majority of the time I really dislike drawing rapidly; I managed to draw five scenes but didn’t reach the the A3 piece.

However, the drawing below (which is by far my favourite) will be blown up to A3 and edited with coloured inks.


As you can see above, I photographed the scene which allowed me to return to a comfortable room and draw while sitting down. I feel the workshop would have been much better if we had been given more time to complete is as it was actually very interesting.


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