Victoria and Albert Museum

Today I visited the V&A museum (a random spur of the moment visit as I suddenly felt all arty) in order to gather inspiration and narrow down the object that I wanted to base my CCS essay on.

Upon arriving I went straight for the 20th century modernist section on floor 3 in order to see what they had to offer.

When walking in you can see immediately that the exhibition is considerably small as it only occupies one room. Despite the small area there was everything from badges to a beatbox and furniture to watches; a wide range of modernist items.

The images above show a range of pieces however none of them grabbed my attention as much as the next three.

The first is a ‘Teapot and stand’ created by Ralph Bacerra in 1984(ish). It reinvents the look of the teapot, ultimately adhering to the guidelines of modernism, yet still incorporating the simplistic shape.


The next is another tea set, better known as a tea and coffee service, made between 1979-83. It is based on a photomontage of an aircraft carrier which I find sublime as I adore architecture; it makes it appear to be a piece of artwork yet works as a everyday household item. The carrier platform is the tray and the pots are the vessels themselves.

Finally this is a piece by Richard Slee called ‘Coral Dish’ made in 1984. It was designed for the purpose of holding loose items in one area so that they would not get lost – corralled not contained. His use of colour was a response to the mass production of american ceramics. To me it looks like the mountains of an island in a brighter happier world.


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