Screen Printing

Looking back through my blog made me realise I had missed a post about screen printing. Why? Admittedly I didn’t like the prints I had made but when going to retrieve them they weren’t there! The cheek of it….

On Wednesday I decided to go back to the screen printing room and create some more as the process was pretty fun and I had a better picture to use which was taken during photography with Heather.

To make it easier i’ll shorten the screen printing process down to the bare necessities (Damien mentioned the jungle book and I can’t get it out of my head).

  • You wash the screen with this awesome power jet
  • Dry it
  • Add a coat of light emulsion
  • Dry it
  • Put the image and the screen in a light exposure machine to get the image and wash the screen to make it appear
  • Dry it
  • Then finally lock it in, get a squeegee and some ink then print your image

As you can see there is a lot of time spent waiting for the screen to dry but its worth it in the end. The image I recreated can be seen below (it is a bit rude):


I started off with simple black ink to capture the image:


One of the black ink images came out quite faded so I decided to turn it into an old fashioned, somewhat 1920’s burnt worn down photo by wiping a tea back across it and setting it alight:


I also did the print in black on a piece of tissue paper as well as some shiny card in order to try out new materials:

After using black I moved onto blue as I wanted to create a kind of 3D print with blue and red. Unfortunately I ran out of time to print the red so will have to go back and do that.


However I tried layering my tissue paper print over a blue one which gave it a somewhat 3D effect:


I also tried putting the silver card over a black piece, aligning it with the photo which didn’t turn out too bad:


Overall the process turned out quite well. I will be going back to finish it off but for now I’m happy with the pieces I have produced.


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