Critical Thinking (Part 2)

For Thursdays session we began by recapping what we had done on Monday. We were then given the brief which was to create the front and back cover to a fanzine called ‘Thinking it & saying it’ as well as a single page from it, all A5. We were also given the option to pick from the 6 pillars of design. I was stuck between aesthetics and logic but logic was screaming at me as I’m quite a logical person majority of the time (unless I’ve had a mass amount of sugar).

I immediately thought of binary code and the matrix for some reason (its pretty cool), so had the idea to write words in a column form coming off the word logic:

There are two logics, one red and one blue. The red logic has synonyms for the word; i chose red as these words are the defined and cannot be contradicted:

  • Linkage
  • Organisation
  • Good sense
  • Intellect
  • Common sense

The logic in blue is what some people perceive logic to be, they are the antonyms for the word:

  • Ludicrousness
  • Odd
  • Gibberish
  • Idiocy
  • Craziness

I also had the idea to put two head silhouettes behind the wording, one with cogs and the other with a question mark to match the idea of the synonyms and antonyms, also coloured in red and blue.

For the front cover I decided to merge the two ideas of thinking it an saying it with a light bulb encompassing two head silhouettes shouting, to link to the silhouettes on my page. The back cover has a simplistic figure pondering with a thinking bubble coming off it as Sara said we would need space for the name of the people that would be involved with the zine on the day of ‘print’.

We didn’t have long after the designing process so I thought I would begin the inner page as there was only one to do. I decided I would use screen printing and letter press to produce it. The screen printing worked perfectly as you can see below:


I wanted the question mark to come out backwards as some peoples opinion that people who think illogically think backwards. Once I had finished the screen print I went to the letter press room to begin the type. After about a quarter was done I realised I could do it without the words overlapping or the words logic being just as small as the words coming down so I decided to scrap the letter press idea and do it by hand or copy and paste; I will have to experiment to find out which looks more aesthetically pleasing.

I did however manage to colour the cogs and question mark in red and blue ink which is below:


Looking at it now the blue it too dark so I will change it to a lighter shade.

I enjoyed the second half of the session and am looking forward to finishing my zine when I have time.


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