New York: Day 2

On day two we started out at a diner called Tick Tock for breakfast. Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup is the obvious choice here. It was amazing and a pretty good start to the day.

We then headed towards central park to film some of our cut ups of different shops (thankfully I got out of it although I did unfortunately get a snowball to the face), we also had a a bit of fun messing around in the snow:

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After central park we took a walk down to the MoMA as this was an education trip after all. I’d been before so I knew the majority of what was there yet it never fails to surprise with the new pieces they bring in. Theres was everything from photography to sculpture (some of the pieces you may recognise such as the Van Gough).


Once done at the MoMA we decided to head back down to central park and enjoy the snow while it lasted, building a snowman and trudging through the sea of white to admire the beautiful park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


To end the second day I went and met my brother, had a nice bite to eat and spent a stupid amount in the arcade. Safe to say it was a pretty good day overall.


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