New York: Day 3

Woke up on day three with a slight hangover but feeling good. We had a studio visit followed by an exhibition of OST UND oder WEST: Wittikugel & Stankowski. It consisted of posters, photos, displays, books and identities ranging from 1930 to present day. “The artist Klaus Wittkugel does not paint pictures nor does he model sculptures. His works are not collected and shown in museums; they work directly in our everyday life.” I love this quote from the booklet/pamphlet we were given as I adore work that affect or are a part of everyday life as it is so simplistic yet has an impact on a multitude of people.

After the visit we were asked if we wanted to tag along and see the 9/11 memorial or to do our own thing. I had seen it before so decided to do some shopping and revisit the Empire State building as I had missed the view. The view it breathtaking and awe-inspiring, its like some sort or euphoric bliss to me. A contact sheet of some of my favourite shots can be seen below:

ES contact

After the Empire State I went back to the hotel and had one hell of a relaxing night that consisted of a Philly cheese steak, some donuts and crappy yet brilliant T.V. Yet another fabulous day over.



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