New York: Last day

The last day was obviously a little heartbreaking knowing you have to go back to London but I did miss home a bit. We started off with a huge breakfast and did a little more shopping for crappy souvenirs before having the epiphany of a quick visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I adore the museum as it has an insane amount of artefacts and exhibitions from all around the world that cannot be found anywhere else.

When we arrived we only had about half an hour to get round what we wanted to see so we split and ran for the galleries that caught our attention. I ran straight for the medieval section and passed a couple of interesting things on the was such as….and….From there I dashed to the Arms and Armour section which is by far my favourite (mainly because I like shiny things and shooting games) but also because I get to see such phenomenal pieces that were created by the likes of Samuel Colt, inventor of the Colt revolver and founder of Colt’s Patent Fire-arm Manufacturing Company. A few of the pieces I got to catch can be seen below:


Overall the trip to New York was brilliant; I had missed the place and boy do I miss it now, its the best place for art, food and fun. I will definitely be heading back soon.



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