Today we all came back together after our trip to  New York and the other students week off to put together out joint zine which is comprised of a page from each person and your own front and back cover (the work for it can be seen in a previous post-critical thinking with Sara). The front and centre page can be seen below:

The base idea for the main page stayed the same with the silhouette heads however I decided to design a word search with the words decided upon in the ‘Critical Thinking with Sara’ post. I liked this idea better as the logical people would discover that it was a word search where as the illogical would just see letters, staying with the theme.

We were split into smaller groups to decided the order of the pages in our own section, which would then be partnered with the rest later on. Once every group had decided the order of their pages we came back together and all decided which order the groups would go in.

After the overall order had been decided, a few students took the pages and copied them in the order chosen to form a copy of our joint zine for everyone.

Some of my favourite pages can be seen below:


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