100 ideas in just one day

For Thursdays lesson we were asked to come in refreshed and ready to work as according to Sara it was going to be a long day… she wasn’t wrong. The brief for the day was to complete 100 ideas, only having two minutes to complete each one. The idea was to show us that we have the capability to come up with hundreds of ideas in a day and that we shouldn’t be so precious with all of our work.

We all sat down, pens and pencils at the ready and began the first idea as soon as she read it out. Each one was read out to us so that we didn’t waste time locating the next one on the sheet, nor did we have to look up (unless we finished in less than two mins).

Some were absurd yet some were really lovely to think about. Quite a few of the ideas were difficult to put on paper visually in a short amount of time but there was almost always a way to do it.

Some of my favourites can be seen below:

Overall I found this brief to be really helpful and quite fun as it showed us that everyone perceives an idea differently and that you always have a hundred ideas going around in your head, its just deciding on the right one that makes the process harder.


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