Soundtrack of our Lives

This was our first major brief and boy was it a good one to start off with. The outcome of the project was that we had to create three A2 posters based on three songs of our choosing. Each poster had to depict either the feelings the song evokes in us or images/pictures that we associate with the track.

Upon receiving the brief I immediately flipped over the sheet of paper and began writing down my ideas.


I love and adore Michael Jackson and have for a number of years, so it was only right that I do my posters based on his tracks. I found it hard to choose only 3 tracks so i decided to go beyond the brief and do 5 posters (Matthew giving the quintuple the brilliant and fitting name of the Jackson 5).

I listed over 20 songs, at least 10 of which I could create posters about but I managed to narrow it down to 5:

  1. Remember the Time
  2. Who Is It
  3. Smooth Criminal
  4. You Rock My World
  5. This Is It

They are in the chronological order that I first heard them in and each one means a lot to me. I did some basic sketches in my book which I later built on:

All the posters were created in photoshop however there were elements of collaging and illustration that were then digitalised in order to form one final image. Remember the Time is a photomontage using some images from the video as well as Egyptian ones from google (which does bring up some copyright issues). Who Is It depicts an image of me along with some lyrics as well as other words that relate to them in a font called Moonhouse which can be found online. Smooth Criminal is the silhouette of a mysterious man outside a window, (again based on the lyrics) shrouded in mist with a blood red sunset in New York. You Rock My World depicts a man and woman in a fedora entombed in a burning love heart, passionate like their love for one another. Finally This Is It is simply a weeping eye with 50 images of Michael ageing over the years, for the 50 years of life he lived. The final outcomes can be seen below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The extra two posters I thought I would do in A1 as they signify the beginning and the end of his life for me personally; I wanted to do them larger as they meant so much, so Sara suggested that I make them bigger so that everything is in proportion.  This is them all together:



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