National Gallery Visit

When in London why not visit a gallery? Living here means that i’ve actually been to pretty much every single one but visiting an old classic can always be fun (especially when bringing friends).

This time it was the national gallery (I wanted to go to Saatchi but the exhibition wasn’t open…) and it wasn’t a bad day out, as you can see from below:

I attempted took a couple of pictures of the pieces of artwork that took my interest:

Titan (Tiziano) and workshop – An Allegory of Prudence (around 1550-65). The three faces represent the past, present and the future.


Williem Claesz – Still life: Pewter and silver vessels and a crab (around 1633-7). Gives an impression of modesty and restraint yet it is the exact opposite.


Claude – Seaport with the Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba (1648). Claude’s interpretation of the Queen’s visit to King Solomon.



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