CMYK print (project 2 extension)

In project 2’s crit I promised to do a CMYK print of one of my symbols, as always I keep my promises. I had a very hard time choosing which symbol to do but came to this one as i liked the symmetry and the two different ages of comic. This was the original symbol:


I was really excited to do this print and got started almost immediately. I learnt how to create the 4 images needed for the print using a youtube tutorial so that I could get started as soon as I went back in the next week. It was actually much easier that I initially thought as I managed to do 3 of the 4 prints in less than 4hours! Thats what you call dedication.

The images had to be printed in colour order: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). I obviously had a little play around with the order to test my options as well as 3 different materials in order to see the potential outcomes.

The first was tissue paper which didn’t work very well at all:

I then tried news print which turned out a considerably better when using black and another colour (yellow did not show up enough):

But I then used card, testing one colour and then going on to do the full print which I have to say I’m extremely proud of!


Thank you Sara for the amazing idea!


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