Collect, Analyse and Reassemble

The task of this brief is exactly as the title states; collect objects or images, analyse them and then use your creative prowess to reassemble them into something cooler.

Being made to think about it I now collect quite a lot of things, cinema tickets, labels, comics, lighters, games consoles, the list goes on. When we were given the brief I began listing all these things and other things that I could get my hands on in order to get some idea of how I could start and what it could become. Bottle tops and Nitrous oxide canisters immediately stood out to me and working in a pub means I could get hold of quite a few. Long story short I decided that I would collect them and make objects out of them that relate to bottle tops such as wine bottles, glasses, tonic bottles and canisters such as mini cars and masks like the ones used in the dentist. Upon beginning the idea I realised it wasn’t actually a very good one, nor was it going to be easy, so stopped after making a few random pieces which can be seen below:

With only three days left before the project was due in I was going insane as I had so many ideas and didn’t know which one to choose. I sat and just stared at everything in my room trying to figure out what to use when my eyes landed on my comic book collection. Those who know me know I love comics, Batman especially…

I decided that I could created a collection of all the Batman symbols over the years using actual Batman comics; a collection of a collection, made using a collection (pretty proud of that). For some reason I felt that this wasn’t enough so I decided I would do a Superman version as well considering the film had just come out. I didn’t want it to be a conventional turn-a-page book as you needed to be able to see the work as a collection so had the idea to create a fold out book (which ended up being a lot more trouble than I initially thought) The results can be seen below:


After doing this I didn’t really want to waste the bottle tops so decided to also create little flips books that would slowly depict the symbol. They’re still in production for the moment however there are some prototypes ready and I will be updating this post with a little gif of them.


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