Collect, Analyse Reassemble crit


For the Collect, Analyse and Reassemble crit we were taken down to the cafe to create a mini exhibition in order to present our work. I actually loved this idea as we got to hear about everybody’s work (despite the fact we ran over) rather than being split into groups and we got the opportunity to choose where to place it so that it would be shown in all its glory. There was some really amazing work like Diana’s collection (sadly I couldn’t get a picture but it can be seen on her blog) and Victoria’s light piece which can be seen below:20160407_120039

Not only did Diana do some amazing work but she was note taker for everybody, which I am extremely grateful for! I made a promise to Sara that I would do a CMYK screen print of one of my symbols and its down in writing which means theres no getting out of it! My notes can be seen below (along with a cheeky picture showing that theres always some fun had at crits):



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