Utterly Moving Words

For this brief we were asked to create a moving typographic video based upon the scene ‘Meet me in Montauk’ from the film Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. The video and sound were to all be by us and be 20seconds long or more if you wished. Its safe to say that this was my least favourite brief out of them all but it was doable thankfully!

We all started out by watching the scene and writing down words from it as well as movements and camera angles. This was to be the base of our videos which was loose and strict at the same time. Basically as long as you could link what you created back to the scene somehow you were good.

After watching the scene I had a multitude of ideas but couldn’t fixate on one. I then recalled there was one line that stood out to me majorly; ‘she was…just a girl’. That line is the complete opposite of what she was to him (if you’ve watched the film you’ll know), she was his everything at one point, so I thought it only right to show that.

I watched the film and wrote down every quote I could scribble down in time that described who she was or who she was to him and how she made him feel:


After doing this it was just a matter of figuring out how to produce it. I decided to use after effects.


The film is about forgetting and remembering as well as the conflict that goes on within you when you want to forget a time you loved but it hurts too much. When thinking of this I thought of a storm, just like there was during the ‘Meet me in Montauk’ scene; mist, smoke, rain and lightning. From this I chose smoke and lightning to use in the video. At this point sound was still an issue. However I have very good friends who are musicians so I asked one especially for a hand. All I told him was that I was doing a video project and the 4 words ‘she was…just a girl’, leaving the rest to him. I did this as I wanted it to be organic and improvised, another point of view on what someone thinks musically when they hear those words. He did an amazing job.

I wanted the words to fade out just as their memories were fading and disappearing in the film; almost impossible to catch and read but there just long enough for you to remember, just like Clementine with Joel in his memories.

The final outcome can be seen below:



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