Case Study: Aisha


Still in the early days of her illustration career Aisha is getting to know herself and find her forte. In a few words she gives us an idea of what inspires her and her work…

So tell us, what influenced you to do the style of work you do now?

“I like basic art, not too over the top. Seeing pieces by artists that only use outlines on tumblr and other websites inspired me.”


What is your favourite kind of work to produce?

“My favourite pieces to produce are ones that I have drawn free hand and then scanned into the computer such as in the animation workshop with Kieron. Once scanned I use photoshop to edit and fill them with colour. It gets me gassed as I can’t believe how good my work looks on the screen.”

The animation piece can be found here.

How do you want others to perceive your work?

“Simple but effective.”

Is there a hidden message behind anything you’ve produced?

“Nope. I just go with the flow”

Why have you chosen illustration and how do you want it to be a part of your future?

“Because I’m good with my hands. I like seeing work I’ve produced with my hands on paper. It visually excites me. In the future I’d like to be working for a fashion magazine as I adore the fashion industry.”




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