Dialogue Studio: Ustwo

Ustwo are a studio that ‘build digital products, services and businesses.’ They’ve built new businesses such as ustwo Games, Wayfindr and DICE, alongside joint ventures like PAUSE, Moodnotes and Twiik, and have a variety of partners including Google and Adidas.

When starting out Mills and John had no idea what they wanted to do with the studio, ‘I don’t really wanna plan anything i just wanna chuck it out there’, they just wanted to ‘work of great projects’, they knew that they didn’t want to start a business but to do something they were passionate about.

They started off working for Sony Ericsson which gave them the resources to start up their company. Once it was started the hiring was not only based on their skill level but if they liked the person, considering both Mills and John spend majority of their time there.

Not only does Mills have the Ustwo studio but he is using profit from it to fund another company with 10 people called CWA (content with attitude) that shows the world they know how to make great products such a Nursery Rhyme.

One of their releases was Whale trail, a game that they hoped will disrupt the gaming industry. It was successful with a 4.4 star rating on iTunes.


To find out more about Ustwo visit their page:




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