Personas, Task Models and User Journeys

Prior to Fridays lesson we were asked to complete homework which was was based on Tuesday’s work. We had to pick a theme and then think of 20 words associated with the theme and the topic ‘London’. We again had to choose a start and an end word but then use the other 18 to form the bridge forming a narrative, either with singular sentences or a continuous flow.

I ended up producing two as the first I didn’t quite like. They can be seen below:

Ben had a dream; it was the beginning of an idea that started something extraordinary. He and his art wasn’t known for being visionary, nor was it known for being unique, but this idea had the potential to make history. His vision was to build a set of offices, the likes of which no one had ever seen before. His home became his work place as his construction plans came to fruition. After 6 years the iron masterpiece was standing tall and it was magnificent. The war came and his greatest design became a shelter for all to hide in. Knowing it was going to be destroyed was heart breaking yet inevitable. 7 years after its completion it was now a decrepit old abandoned wreck with no remnant of what used to be. A long and expensive journey was nought but broken shards of glass on the ground, broken just as his heart was.

Big Ben was once just the dream of two men: Augustus Pugin and Charles Barry. A dream can be the potential creation of an idea; the fabrication of the right idea at the right time can make it and extraordinary one. Coming up with an extraordinary idea is like creating art, its personal to you, it can open your mind to greater things and often bring about a visionary due to their unique perception of the world. They have the ability to make history; a simple person doing a 9-5pm in an office, at home with the children or at their place of work. From the construction of an iron building that stands 100ft tall to a shelter for dogs, their idea is like something never seen. The creation may last forever but there is always the risk that it becomes a decrepit wreck, abandoned by all. Knowing this they are still provided with an opportunity to have their work go down in history, even if the expensive venture ends in failure and there is nought left but a shard of glass.

The task was to evaluate each others work and give feedback on everyones using small pieces of paper. I was quite happy with my feedback for both as there seemed to be a reoccurring comment that both sounded like a story which people seemed to like.




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