Studio culture day: Heather McDonough

For studio culture day we visited Heather McDonough’s studio in Hackney.  Its a studio she shares with fashion photographer Robi.

She’s been happy in her studio, an ‘extension of her house’, since 2000 and has resided in Hackney for 23 years. She loves her studio being local as it means she can take part in lots of community work. Its also a great space as she can hold exhibitions and screenings there if she so wishes.


While we were there we saw a variety of work that she has previously done and some that she’s working on now. Heather said that she never stops working and theres always something she needs to do; the book of portraits she had printed is a perfect example of this.

While we were there she gave us some advice and tips about owning a studio space. ‘Find a council shop’ as they’re cheap and always around, even if they are a bit run down. ‘Steal chests and stack’ as you never know what could come in handy. When talking about the chests she said if you ever come across one, you’ve gotta get it as ‘they’re worth their weight in gold.’ We were also told that it takes time to get comfortable in your studio and produce work as you need to have all your elements in order so that you can work efficiently, telling us ‘try and be tidy and get as much done as you can’.


After we saw her studio we stopped in to see a quick exhibition by a variety of artists, one of which was Edward Burtynsky. We then headed down to see a small exhibition of her photos ‘Leave to remain’ at printspace for Photomonth.

The pictures were taken while she was volunteering in France.


The exhibition can be seen here:

74 Kingsland Road, E2 8DL

Liverpool St/Old St tube, Hoxton/Shoreditch High St Overground

More info can be found here:


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