Dialogue Studio: Narrative Mapping

For this task we had to collect images of people, places and textures within London. Once we had chosen our images we had to give them a visual narrative, in the form of different line drawings.

I don’t particularly like doing line drawings based on images, however it was refreshing to do something out of my comfort zone. The results can be seen below (left to right: wet pavement, pub, kings cross structure, coffee, cemetery):

Once we had done the line drawings we then had to explore colour using circular shapes and imagery (left to right: London eye, regents park, London met uni, lion mural, spectrum):

I actually found this to be quite a useful exercise, despite the fact I don’t really like the processes we used. We were also asked to photo copy our hand and superimpose a dot image onto it. The dot image was created by picking different stations on a tube map and then connecting the lines in a way that I had decided. I did 3 sets of dot placements and did a couple of different line matches for each set:

The final super imposed images can be seen below. My favourite is the bottom right image:







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