Dialogue Studio: Stories, Concepts, Tone of voice

On Tuesday we had to venture out of the studio into the real world. Our task was to create responses to 10 categories:

  • Emotions
  • Galleries
  • Sounds
  • Smells
  • Transport
  • Colour
  • People
  • Buildings
  • Typography

We had to create these responses using photography, mark making, observational drawings and collage. Below are some images of a variety of categories:

I also did a few drawings for mark making, some based on the photos, whitechapel gallery visit and others based on sounds and smells as well as transport (if you class a mobility scooter as transport, I do.) Far left image drawings: armpits, wee, a mellow tone, a creepy piano, curry and a car engine starting:

The task we definitely a tedious one as forming emotions for your surroundings and making mark relating to concept but not defining it with your drawing is difficult. Despite this I did quite enjoy this task as it makes you perceive things differently, giving them more depth.


One thought on “Dialogue Studio: Stories, Concepts, Tone of voice

  1. Ricardo Eversley says:

    Some really interesting photographic compositions. Ensure you go back and reflect especially looking at your upward shots of buildings. You are creating interesting shapes that you could possibly build a narrative around. Well done, really nice work and effort


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