Barbican and Tate Modern Visit 

For Today’s lesson we were asked to carry on with Fridays task and to visit some exhibitions at the Barbican in East London.n

The exhibition I saw was Berdwyn Williams. It was a walk through exhibition with a variety of mediums. It began on a beach with a fire and a single sports shoe.
It then went on to a variety of pieces in a dark room. these were of little interest to me. After trying to figure out where to go next, there were a set of black curtains which lead into a room with chairs and a video playing. it seemed to be a weird optical illusion with a voice over. Passing through there I came into a dark corridor with a lurking goat which then lead to a running track where the other shoe was. there were also structures above with little Chinese waving cats hidden in them, which was pretty cool as you had to actually look to see them.

There was also and installation by Zarah Hussain in the foyer called Numina. It was a geometric installation that had a video recording of shifting shapes aad colours projected onto it. I found the work to be more interesting as I really like geometric artwork.

As well as visiting the Barbican I decided to visit the Tate as it was nearby. From the variety of artists I saw I really liked this installation by Jane Alexander called African adventure which reveals different histories of European engagement with Africa.

There was also a piece called Bakelite Robot by Nam June Paik in 2002. Its constructed using 9 vintage bakelite radios that have been customised to display special footage that harks from and era where global communication was only just being to become the norm.



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