Market Ready: Presentations

For todays lesson we were tasked with presenting our product ideas to the class in order to let everyone know what we were about. We not only had to present to the class but to Ricardo and Sara as well in order to gain feedback so we could alter and improve on our presentations. screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-08-30

We were first up with our idea called ‘Dirty Shirts’ which are handmade shirts that have a choice of 3 custom designs painted on them using black acrylic paint. Our feedback was actually really good and we were all really proud of what we’d done. We did have some improvements to make which were:

  • Obtain more images from our competitor research such as images of stalls that we’ve looked at
  • To have a more in depth introduction, make it a little more personal by talking about ourselves and what we like to see at the market
  • Make it clear as to what we’re doing and why we’re doing it
  • Refine out logo, making it look like somewhat of a cleaner splat, maybe trying to make more versions of it at different angles
  • Consider a plan B for our stall set up based on spacing
  • Consider explaining more in depth things such as Etsy, Instagram and what our hashtags are for

It was also really good to view the other presentations as you could see each groups product and how they approach a presentation, allowing us to take tips from Ricardo’s feedback. All the ideas were really good ones and each one has potential, showing just how hard each group has to work.


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