Dialogue Studio: Prototyping

Marvelapp is an app that is used to design apps! What a crazy world…. Thankfully no coding is needed in order to create your app concept and it demonstrates how your app would work if it were to be created.

We began using indesign to make screens for Marvelapp, choosing images of the work by our favourite practitioners and artists. I chose do just do one artist, Brian Bolland, DC comic book illustrator.


The full thing can be seen here:


Once we’d seen the basics of how the app creates your app we then used the line drawings from the Narrative mapping session to begin designing another app, connecting the images in each slide and adding words to describe the emotion or feeling that your drawing portrays.

The draft was drawn out into 10 phones on 2 A3 storyboard sheets as I only chose to use 5 of my line drawings (making the number even). The draft can be seen below:

The order it goes in is love, harmony, perception, knowledge and death. I wanted to use my line drawings to somewhat give a different narrative to life. We want to be loved, we wish to live in harmony, we have our own perception of the world, we seek knowledge and at the end of it all we are met with death. These are just draft drawings, meaning I probably will alter them slightly when processing them in the app. I have re-designed some of the images in photoshop (harmony and perception) which can be seen below, but I have yet to upload them into the app…updates to come!



One thought on “Dialogue Studio: Prototyping

  1. Really like your refined illustrations at the end and your sequence through the phones. Look forward to seeing how you tackle your concept. Be considered with your work but more importantly test test test. Keep experimenting. Really looking forward to seeing sketchbook work and posts past this point. Well done


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