Dialogue Studio: Applied Arts Marathon

This task was a mammoth one to say the least. Our brief was to create 50 outcomes based on a variety of things; a variety of self portraits, depicting different sides of you, images of unconventional beauty and film posters, redesigned using the principals and elements of design.

I actually really enjoyed this task as it gave us the opportunity to run free with whatever we wanted to do; our own perceptions of the world around us and ourselves. I absolutely loved redesigning film posters using the principals and elements of design as you could make them simple yet still depicts what you see or know to be in the film. By the outcomes below you can only see film posters as I didn’t really know how to approach the self portraits or images of unconventional beauty. Thankfully I managed to come up with some but they are still in process as I keep changing my mind as to whether I like them, so updates are to follow! The film posters can be seen below. See if you can guess them, answers are at the bottom of the post…


Top left across: 101 Dalmatians, Batman: Dark Knight, Shrek Forever after, Spiderman

Bottom left across: Public Enemies, The Blind Side, Up, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End


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