Todays task was to analyse and explore a variety of user interfaces within the university and within a close proximity of it.

User interfaces are all around us from the simple pressing of a button to cross the road all the way up to gates at train stations that request an oyster.

The first park of our task was to find and photograph devices within the building:

  • Lift interface
  • Turn style
  • Printer
  • Vending machine

Once we had these we then had to venture out into the outside world and each locate and interface outside, creating 4 case studies.

Our 4 case studies were about an ATM, crossing, tube ticket machine and a self checkout.

Everyone had found an interesting interface however groups did cross over with what they decided to do their case studies on.

I really enjoyed this task as it made you take a different look at the world around you; almost everything is designed for human interaction.


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