The World is my Grid

For last weeks lesson with Sara we were asked to seek out grids in the environment around us, inside and outside of uni.

To start I decided to go outside first as I thought it’d be a little more interesting. When looking for grids you actually realise how many there are around you; we don’t tend to pay attention to anything that is irrelevant to our day to day lives. Some of my pictures can be seen below:

The upward view of the stall with the blue sky is one of my favourite images along with the gated ladies toilet. I love the blue in the image with the simple line work created by the frame. I adore the gated toilet as I love the line work produced by the gate that intersects the word ‘Ladies’

After getting my images I went back inside to find grids within the university. To be honest I found this to be quite boring as the grids more often than not, tend to be the generic square grid that can be found in offices, shops and many more, as you can see below:

Once we’d collected our images we then had to outline and add text to them in indesign. We first had to outline the grids that were visible in our images:

The text was pulled from the description of our studio on the London Met website. We had to choose segments from it and carefully place it onto the picture we had taken, after we had outlined the grid. My outcomes can be seen below, the first is my favourite:




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