CCS Presentations

Last Thursday we had the task of presenting our alternative souvenirs in front of the entire class. They were to be laid out across a long set of tables along with a label that contained a brief description of what the souvenir was.


There were some really amazing and well thought out ideas from Samantha’s CCTV photo souvenir, which resembled the photo you get when you come off a rollercoaster ride, to Diana’s jigsaw of people in London made using clay. One of my favourites was Jubeda’s souvenir which was a dress that related to Brick Lane as it was where her dad used to be a tailor. The story behind the garment made the idea greater and I would definitely by a souvenir that not only helped a business but was part of history in the area we reside in.


My souvenir is a miniature tree constructed using twigs from a variety of parks such as Regents or Hyde among others. I got good feedback for it but one thing I needed to improve on was making it engage with the person who purchases it more. The outcome can be seen below:


Overall it was really nice to see what people had produced and the feedback Dipti gave us, I feel, gave us all a way to develop our ideas and further our chances of getting a better grade.


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