Our Lives in Data

Our first task for this term was to visit the Science Museum in South West London to see their exhibition on data. To my surprise it was quite a small area located in the back of the museum on the ground floor.

It had a variety of info from how data such as bus tickets used to be collected, to how we can now insert stitches into the heart using the harpoon TSD-5.

Among all the awesome facts that they had, (like how we can now read a persons DNA in two days compared to the 13 years the genome project took) they also had quizzes to see what type of person you are when it comes to data.

In ‘The Big Data Debate’ I was told that I was a data regulator, meaning I am cautious, I can see the benefits of using data but it should be limited to certain situations. They weren’t wrong! Thats exactly how I am! There were also 3 other options as to what you could be:


There was also a quiz that told you what type of person you are based on what products you like, safe to say they went a bit wrong with me on that one, as I’m quite competitive and relaxed:


Although the funniest interactive part there was the machine that analysed you face, telling you how happy you were, what age you are and your gender; it didn’t do half badly with me! Although I was a bit happier than it says:


Safe to say this is a pretty cool exhibition that gives you an abundance of information on how data works and how it’s used nowadays. Definitely worth a visit…


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