Google Engage: Live Brief

In todays lesson we got our new brief and its quite an exciting one; to inspire social change using the power of Google products, fused with live data.


We had Dan, (chief creative technology officer) from Grand visual come in and talk to us about our brief and how it relates to the real world with projects he’s had in the past.

It was really interesting and helpful to have the brief explained to us with practical situations as examples. We also had a little fun being really good blaggers for jobs that don’t exist. We had to describe how our idea would work by any means necessary and I think I did pretty well as a hot air ballon construction manager that has employees who are trained skydivers with parachutes and harnesses.

We then went on to do a task with Ricardo which was to get into groups and write on post it notes what social changes we want to see. There were a multitude of post it notes put up, majority overlapping. We did serious ones and of course some jokey ones to lighten the mood.

We then had to split into groups and pick 3 post it notes to create a narrative with. Our group chose: Attitudes, hate crime, and unity; how stamping out negative attitudes and hate crimes will lead to the unification of the human race. Results to come on Friday!


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