Collection: The Brief

For our CIP this morning we got our new brief! Although Ricardo definitely did make us wait for it.

We were asked to bring in 140 characters on a section of Massimo Vignelli’s Helvetica film and examples of typography. We walked around the room looking at everybody work and opinions in order to gain a broader view and to see what everyone had done.

We then got the task; to find a random book and analyse it: colours, work, type, etc. I chose ‘Maximalism: The graphic design of decadence & excess’ by Charlotte Rivers.


I really liked the book as it had a wide variety of work from wallpaper to pop art. I found it quite visually appealing but at the same time there was a lot going on, on quite a few of the pages. It became a bit irritating depending on the artwork that was shown as the writing and the work would sometimes merge into one, making them difficult to differentiate. A couple of my favourite pages are below:

After looking through the book I had a little spare time so decided to recreate one of the dot work pieces in the book using the grid paper given:



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