Workshop – Group Exercise

For Friday we had to complete 3 slides in our small groups from Tuesdays lesson based on the post it notes we’d all created. We had to talk briefly on 3 topics and then look at what everyone else had done. My group which was made up of me, A’isha, Carlos and Samantha, chose to look at attitudes, hate crimes and unity as they all link.

Once we had shown the group, Ricardo asked us to split into our groups again and go and elaborate on one topic of our choice. We chose to do attitudes as its fairly simple, yet theres a lot to talk about.

We first started by finding bad attitudes. I thought where better to find them than Youtube? So I thought of stories that had been on the news recently which were controversial and also involved bad attitudes. I then pulled up the videos on youtube and found comments below which weren’t what you would expect from people.


We then went on to do a simple base for a campaign that has the potential to change attitudes:


It’s obvious that much more needs to be done in order to change peoples attitudes but this is a starting point. Unfortunately people can’t change if they don’t wish to.


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