Google Engage: Discover and define

After getting the brief it was time to now start thinking about what area we were going to choose for our campaign. For a week we were asked to compile a body of research for the discovery stage of our project and place them onto Google slides so that we could create a strong narrative proposal in order to present them the following week.

I compiled my research onto a powerpoint presentation which I later transferred to Google slides. I had already chosen my topic which is mental health in children and how we can help it. I started by researching mental health campaigns among others in order to see the range. To my surprise there are actually very few that target the topic; its mainly charities offering their services with vague information on how to spot mental health issues.


I then went on to research the facts about child mental health and what is being done to aid the children with different issues.


These ended up being a few slides from my presentation which were given the week following our research. The group presented their ideas; everyones was really different and everyone had really good ideas with an immense amount of potential. It was really good to see how everyone was tackling their campaign as it gave an insight into what people care about and their method of working.

Once we had presented we had to come up with 3 concepts that everyone would vote on in order to help you choose which would be the best idea. My concepts are below (soz about the handwriting):


I had more votes for my second idea, so it looks like thats the one I’m going with!



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