Book Making Workshop

For this CIP lesson we were taught about the different features you could put in a book, such as a window, concertina or a pop-up. Our brief for that morning was to try and test these different features using paper provided.

We first went around and looked at the thought of the week which was on Massimo Vignelli and his Helvetica typography. There were some really good paragraphs on it and some amazing drawings.

Once we’d done this it was onto the book making task. It was quite fun as we got to do pretty much anything with the paper given to us, as long as we were attempted to create the various features that we were shown on instruction sheets.


I decided to mix and match all the features by putting them all into one book and then doodling silly little things on it to make it funny and a little more interesting than just leaving it plain. A tad crude, but overall it was fun.


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