Explainer Video Workshop

Tuesday’s workshop was created to help us with one of our final outcomes for out Google Engage brief: the explainer video.

Our task was to figure out how we were going to explain our process using a narrative video. We were given story boards and told to set out what we were going to put in our video: what we see and what we hear.

I immediately knew that I wanted to stick with the pictogram theme and almost create a mini story based on a ‘child’ that goes from being alone and scared, to doing play therapy and coming out much better off than previously.

I began drawing straight away and had my story set and ready, it was just making it that was the tough part. I began by putting the images into premiere just to see how I would transition them and draw them properly.


Once I knew how I wanted it to look and work it was time to start producing the frames and putting them into premiere. It wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought but I just wanted to make sure it transitioned smoothly, the final outcome is below (the voice over still needs to be added):



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