Google Engage: Development 3

After talking with Sara about where to go, as I was stuck, she suggested adding some colour (as always) to give it a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ because the black and white image wasn’t very eye catching, it didn’t stand out greatly or grab attention.

I completely agreed with this idea as the posters did seem a little boring in black and white. When choosing what colours to add I wanted to base it off emotions in order to match the pictograms depiction. I found a emotion/colour wheel from a study on mental heath and decided to use the centre colours for each emotion as it was appropriate. For a couple of posters this meant changing the pictogram in order to match the colour emotion:

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 14.10.14

Immediately the posters look better and become more appealing to the eye, for both adults and children. I then went on to decide what writing I would put on the poster and mock up text placement on them in order to see where would be best for the text and the QR code:

(Obviously next time I’ll put more care into my mock up as I did it in google slides *naughty*)



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