Pastiche 1560: Hirst, Evaristti, Cerny

The next 3 artists I have decided to do are Damien Hirst, Marco Evaristti and David Cerny; Hirst known for his skulls, Evaristti known for his torture of animal and Cerny for his vulgar statues.

All these artists are criticised for their work as it tends to be vulgar, indecent and risqué; all three have been attacked by the public for either their mistreatment of animals (Evaristti’s fish in a blender) or their obscene creations (Cerny’s profanity sculpture).

Of course, again, each word below the images of the artists have been taken from articles and reviews written about them. These are the second group of the 9 artists that have been recreated in Fairey’s style.



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