Pastiche 1560: Research and Development

Originally I was going to base my project on Brian Bolland as I’ve grown up with his work and he’s had a massive influence on me. However I tend to always go down that route (as I love Batman if you didn’t know), so have decided to go for someone different that still has an influence on me and that I find visually appealing; Shepard Fairey.


Fairey is quite a controversial artist, from his work being classed as vandalism to racist. He is best known for his Obey brand and the Obama hope poster, which other artists have imitated. I decided that I am going to re-create the style of the Obama hope poster multiple times using different images of other artists seen as controversial in this day and age; depicting controversial artists in the style of a controversial artist.

When making the poster, instead of using the word hope I will use negative words that have been used to describe the artist shown, either by critics or the public. I want to do this to show that no matter what you believe to be art, there will always be people who wish to drag you down and brand you as something hurtful or degrading. Everyone has their own perception of art; it doesn’t mean you should attack someone because you don’t like it (even if it is out of the ordinary).

Once I have collated these I will put them into a video in which the final frame will show all the images of the artist again but will still use one word to describe them all which will be ‘artist’ to signify that they are all different and yet the same, in the industry they are part of and the criticism they each receive.

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