Movements Workshop 1: Letterpress

After finally getting our brief, we began with our first workshop: Letterpress.

We had to choose one of our 3 researched movements to base our final project on. I chose to do do optical art as its unique and there is a considerable amount of design in all industries that involves optical illusions.

We had to go into the letterpress room and attempt to depict our chosen movement using the equipment, everyone having their own unique ideas for their portrayal.

I started off by just experimenting with different type and size. Once I new what type I wanted I started test printing with different colour and sizes. Then finally, in order to try and depict optical illusion, I chose to try and overprint my letters as layering words over one another gives the viewer a distortion of perception, which is what illusions are based upon. It actually turned out pretty well:

Now I have these done I think I’m going to put the optical printing that is based on the grid into photoshop and try and play around with it in there in order to produce something a little different and interesting.



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