Google Engage: Development 4

After the crit I understood that the posters themselves were too simple, they needed to have some movement and some more variety in order to grab peoples attention. After re-working them to make sure that the sizes of all the posters were in proportion and that the lines were at the same heights on all posters, it was time play about with the colour a little more and add some form of movement to it, in order to bring it to life.

I began by changing around the colour arrangement of the poster, as in the back ground and the pictogram. The first of course is the original, then there is coloured pictogram on white background and black as well:

I found the black background to be much more visually appealing as some of the colours on the white were not fully visible, as well as the fact that the black made the colour bolder. From here I then went on to decide my font and place my text based on the testers I did previously.

White of course reads easily on black so that was my first decision. I then chose the font ‘chalkduster’ as I thought of giving the impression of writing on a black board; something associated with classrooms and children, in order to link with the theme. I placed my text and QR code and the final outcome is below:

man7 loathing black final

Now to go onto after effects and give it a little movement.


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