Collection: Research

What makes a good book? What makes a portfolio? What makes someones work stand out amongst the others? These are all questions you have to ask yourself for this particular brief.

When looking into portfolios and books it is clear to see that the base factors are: it has to be clear, concise and showcase you to the best of your ability at that moment in time.

There are a wide range of books from, printed to hand bound with wire, plastic, glue and more! Do you have cuts and folds? Monoprint or colour? Gloss of matte finish? The choice is too great! It all depends on your preference and how you want people to perceive you as a person, as your choice can tell people a lot about you and how you work.

Just from doing research I can come to the conclusion of what I like and dislike but I can’t decide on how I want to produce my book until I get further into my work and look more into process and techniques.


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