Pastiche 1560: Construction and Outcome

The brief requires that the final outcome must be constructed in Adobe Premier pro, so…. Premier it is!

I want my pictures on screen long enough for you to be able to take a look at who it is and read the word below them; the word tends to be the first thing your eyes go to read as it gives a hint about whatever on screen is about. Reading the word and then seeing the artist will then make you question why they were given that description (if you know who they are then you may know why already).

Each image is 3 seconds long, then rotating either horizontally or vertically to the next artist and so on. The final screen is then a compilation of the artist images, with the word ‘ARTIST’ graffiti sprayed across it using the font Ruthless One by Måns Grebäck I wanted to use graffiti as it is an urban art form that tends to be looked down upon due to the nature of vandalism that it links with; just as the artists are looked down upon in some ways. ‘ARTIST’ appears 3 times in cannon, in order to cover each row. The graffiti then disappears leaving a glimpse of the artists, one where the writing below their image disappears, their images change back into their original photograph and then fading to black. The outcome can be seen below:


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