Hothouse talk: Kath Tudball (18 years in 35mins)

Today we had a talk by Kath Tudball, a design director at the partners, who studied graphic design. She tried everything in university but began to narrow down what she liked after reading 'A Smile in the Mind'. She met Julia Woolams during her time at university and worked together on and off for 3 years. … Continue reading Hothouse talk: Kath Tudball (18 years in 35mins)


CCS Presentations

Last Thursday we had the task of presenting our alternative souvenirs in front of the entire class. They were to be laid out across a long set of tables along with a label that contained a brief description of what the souvenir was. There were some really amazing and well thought out ideas from Samantha's … Continue reading CCS Presentations

Nik Hill: His Journey and His Work

Nik Hill is a motion graphic designer that works for Territory Studio. He grew up surrounded by graffiti, influenced by Bristolian streets and culture. He would spend endless amounts of time sketching, avoiding TV. When he did was TV he realised that he paid more attention to adverts than the actual programmes, causing him to pursue a … Continue reading Nik Hill: His Journey and His Work

Dialogue Studio: Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Schwitters is a German painter, sculptor, typographer and writer born in Hanover in 1887. He is best known for creating his own form of Dada (an art movement formed during the First World War in Zurich. It was a negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war.) in Hanover called 'Merz' in 1918. In his creations … Continue reading Dialogue Studio: Kurt Schwitters

Dialogue Studio: Ubisoft

Ubisoft are 'committed to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms.' They are ranked among the top 5 game publishers in the world, them being the third largest independent game publisher outside Japan. They are most known for creating the Assassin's Creed series, as well as games such as Watch Dogs, Prince of Persia … Continue reading Dialogue Studio: Ubisoft

Dialogue Studio: Ustwo

Ustwo are a studio that 'build digital products, services and businesses.' They've built new businesses such as ustwo Games, Wayfindr and DICE, alongside joint ventures like PAUSE, Moodnotes and Twiik, and have a variety of partners including Google and Adidas. When starting out Mills and John had no idea what they wanted to do with the studio, … Continue reading Dialogue Studio: Ustwo