Collection: Construction of Book

The other aspect of constructing a book is of course the pages. I like having the layout of images on the left and writing on the right for each category as it give it a uniform feel and is consistent throughout the book, from beginning to end. For some of the pages the images and … Continue reading Collection: Construction of Book


Collection: Construction of Cover

An important part of constructing the book is of course creating and laying out the cover to depict the illustration/design well. I chose to centre my logo in order to make it the main focus. I then decided that I wanted the back of the book to be the back of the front if you … Continue reading Collection: Construction of Cover

Collection: Thought of the Week – Kate Moross

Kate Moross is an art director, illustrator and designer who’s work is bold, fun and for all ages. Her work depicts a multitude of colours and radiates this kind of bouncy energy. Opposite you can see her simple use of line and grid produces an eye catching piece that could more than likely be seen … Continue reading Collection: Thought of the Week – Kate Moross

Collection: Thought of the Week – Alan Fletcher

Alan Gerard Fletcher was a British graphic designer. He is one the most influential figures in British graphic design; founder of Fletcher/Forbes/Gill in and Pentagram. His books are self published as he wanted to tell his design story in his own way; his pages are his story board. One example is ‘The Art of Looking … Continue reading Collection: Thought of the Week – Alan Fletcher

Collection: Research

What makes a good book? What makes a portfolio? What makes someones work stand out amongst the others? These are all questions you have to ask yourself for this particular brief. When looking into portfolios and books it is clear to see that the base factors are: it has to be clear, concise and showcase … Continue reading Collection: Research